Creati's Craft Compendium

A craft-themed zine featuring Class 1-A. Follow Momo as she compiles her classmates' crafts and stories!


OCT 15 - NOV 15: Interest Check
NOV 5 - NOV 25: Mod Apps
DEC 5 - JAN 25: Contributor Apps
MAR - JUN: Creation Period
JUL 25 - SEP 1: Pre-orders


Answering questions that were asked in the interest check and addressing relevant information.

Mods + Contributors

Introducing our lovely Mods and their roles. More importantly, announcing the most crucial involvement of any good zine: the contributors!

Contributor Requirements

Please check out our Contributor requirements before applying!


Will this zine be for charity or for profit?
Both! This zine will be 50/50 - partially for charity, and partially for profit! We want to donate, of course, but crafts require physical items, and physical items oftentimes cost money. We would like to repay the contributors the best we can for their time and effort!

Will this zine be digital or physical?
Creati's Craft Compendium will be digital! The mod team has two first-time mods - becasue of this, we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves, and we don’t want to worry people with “new-ness” when it comes to buying/shipping physical zines/merch. We do have plans for the future when it comes to physical zines (!), but for now this will be a digital zine!

Will this zine be SFW?
Yes, most definitely!

Is this a Momo-centric zine?
It is not! Momo is simply our title character. The title comes from the idea that Momo is simply the one compiling all of these crafts based on her friends (and teacher). This zine is focused on each member of class 1A, along with Eri, Aizawa, and Shinsou!

What do you mean by a “craft-themed zine”?
Exactly what is sounds like! This zine will focus on creating different crafts themed around each member of class 1A. Much like a traditional craftbook/diy book, we will include detailed instructions on how you can create these crafts at home. From ideas like Kirishima’s Painted Rocks to a 1-A Quilt, we will have crafts for each of your favorite characters as well as crafts of varying difficulties for all you beginners and experts out there. You’re sure to find something that intrigues you!

Is ship content allowed?
Because this zine focuses so heavily on themed crafts, we have decided to not allow romantic ships. All additional art and/or fics will need to be gen. Of course, platonic relationships are totally welcome within this zine!

How will we be selecting crafting contributors?
Because this is such a unique zine, it’s hard to select crafting contributors through the normal process. Instead of asking you to include samples, we will be asking you to come up with crafting pitches of what you would like to do or what you feel like you’re capable of doing. We also ask that for crafting pitches with a higher level of difficulty (i.e. art/painting heavy crafts, crocheting or other sewing/yarn crafts, etc.) that you send us photos as examples to show that you do indeed have the skills needed to contribute your specific pitch.

Will fics and/or art be included?
Yes! According to our interest check, you all wanted to see fics and art included! We will be accepting 5 writers and 10 page artists on top of our 10-15 spot illustrators (who will be working directly with crafters), 5 merch artists, and 20 crafting contributors!

Writers will be permitted to write one fic up to 2k words. Every fic will be a collaboration with either a crafter (in which they will base their fic and concept on the craft tutorial), or a page artist (where an artist will claim their fic and create a piece based on the writer’s original concept). Writers who wish to collaborate with crafters will be highly encouraged to collaborate with 1-2 star crafts.

Page artists will be expected to create at least one full page piece with the opportunity to create two full-page pieces or one spread if they wish. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with either a crafter or a writer, though this is limited to one collaboration per person. It is encouraged to fill all writer collab spots before crafter collab spots, because every fic will have either art or a craft to accompany it. Page artists who wish to collaborate with crafters will be highly encouraged to collaborate with 3-5 star crafts.

Spot Illustrators will be working with crafters directly to create spots for the craft tutorial and will work with crafters based on their needs (this could possibly mean diagrams if the spot illustrator is willing to work with this, but we encourage character-themed spots at the very least).

You mentioned “1-5 Star Crafts” above, what does that mean?
The crafts in this zine will be rated in difficulty based on our “star” system, meaning that 1 star crafts are the easiest crafts, ones that could be done by anyone (including small children), and 5 star crafts are considered “expert level” meaning that they could require some prior knowledge of that crafting type (such as complex crochet or knitting patterns). Mods will work with each crafter to correctly rate each craft’s difficulty level! Here are some examples of crafts from our craft ideas spreadsheet that would fall within each level:

1 Star ⭐
These are a simple craft that only requires cutting paper and gluing them together. Could be done with a child.

2 Star ⭐⭐
Sock puppet
A bit more complex in terms of materials and time, could be done with an older child.

3 Star⭐⭐⭐
Hand Sewn Doll
This craft requires a bit more skill due to the pattern of cutting fabric and needing to sew it together.

4 Star⭐⭐⭐⭐
Simple Book Binding
This craft is one that requires many steps and possibly some materials that aren’t simply lying around the house.

5 Star⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Crochet/Knitting pattern
This craft is one that might require prior knowledge of crocheting or knitting and requires materials that could be costly and is thus considered “expert” level.

Have any other questions that have not been addressed here? Feel free to send a question to our Curious Cat or our Tumblr askbox!


Mod Dina || Graphics

Pronouns: They/them
A long-time crafter, head and art/graphics Mod Dina has a soft spot for painting things that probably weren’t designed to be painted. In addition to this, they write, create more conventional art, cosplay, and generally forgo any sensible sleep schedule. They’ve only been in the fandom since February, but have speedily made up for lost time by becoming certifiably obsessed. Prior experience includes (but is certainly not limited to) mod intern for B L O O M, and beta mod for Besitos Del Mar.

Mod Lee || Beta

Pronouns: He/him
Mod Lee, the #1 Bakugou kinnie and long-suffering creative writing student, has been crafting since he was young. Though he isn’t very good at it, his other talents include writing, writing, and writing! He may be a first-time zine mod, but he has prior experience as a mod for the Bakugou Big Bang and as a writer and beta for various other fandom events. As a perfectionist, he can guarantee he won’t let this zine turn out to be anything less than the absolute best!